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Jazz conjures up all kinds of evocative imagery. Silhouetted musicians, smoky clubs, dimly lit stages, and intense performances. 25 Years of Jazz Photography captures all of this and much more.

Coinciding with the London Jazz Festival 2015, this exhibition comprises 116 photographs taken by David Sinclair over a 25 year period, documenting an array of the world’s finest musicians. It is a mere snapshot of the approximately 50,000 he has in his possession but it demonstrates the closeness of his relationship with the jazz world.

A mix of digital and film images are on display and they are all full of energy and soul. There’s heavy use of dramatic shadow and reflections throughout but it is the finer and more subtle details that complete the photographs: beads of sweat on the forehead, motion blur from a drummer’s hand, or the look of concentration in the performer’s eyes.

The Royal Albert Hall is the venue to get to. It closes on Sunday 29th November, entrance is free but opening times do vary. More details can be found here. If you’re in the area it’s very much worth a visit. All the photographs are available to purchase and, what is more, David himself will be there to chat to as well as his son, Malcolm, who helped display this excellent body of work.

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