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Four years ago I set out on my first ‘proper’ project. The aim was to undertake something manageable and easy to coordinate, but at the same time something I could really engage with. Strapped for space (and cash) I decided to start off real simple: shooting headshots of my friends.

I gave it the title Faces of Friendship and, as far as small-scale projects go, it was a modest success - if only for the fact that it was completed. But on top of that it also gave me the opportunity to experiment with lighting, try different techniques when processing, and learn how to work with people to achieve certain shots. The results were never designed for public consumption; I saw it more as a kind of personal tuition.

Fast forward to the early part of this year and in January I was whittling down a selection of ideas that I wanted to pursue into full-blown projects for 2016. I mentioned to my friend Penny Antorkas – a keen videographer and participant in the 2012 session – that it would be nice to collaborate on something.

I had considered revisiting the original project at some point in the future but not necessarily this early on. However, the opportunity to introduce a film element really intrigued me and, although the passage of time was just over four years, a significant number of changes had occurred within the group.

And so, on 3rd April 2016, Faces of Friendship (Part II) officially began with the first round of test shots.

I'm intentionally going to keep details limited for the time being, partly to be cryptic and partly because I'm only two weeks in and there’s not much to say just yet! But you can follow all the developments over the coming months on this blog and I'm using the hashtag #facesoffriendship on social media.

What I will say is that it feels great to be revisiting an old project - and not just any project, but my first. That brings with it a joint sense of trepidation and responsibility. This is the 'difficult second album.' I'm excited to be breathing new life into it and really looking forward to working with Penny, who will add a new dimension to my original concept.

Stay tuned for updates on progress over the coming months.

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