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This photograph of Grant ranks as one of my all time favourite portraits I've ever taken. Which is all the more special because I was very close to not even taking it.

You will be familiar with me waxing lyrical about how satisfying it is when an impromptu shot works out. Planning is all well and good but nailing a spontaneous shot when you least expect it is a great feeling. And this was the case with Grant.

I had just finished Rob's shoot and was packing away when Grant (his flatmate) came out from his room and sat down opposite me. As we chatted everything just fell into place. His hair looked great, he was casually dressed, afternoon light was spilling into the room, and he had this very chilled and serene vibe sitting reverse in his chair.

In the space of a few seconds I invited him (with no real option to decline!) to be part of Faces of Friendship and rattled off just a dozen or so frames. Grant will swear blind that he is not a model but I like to think this photo (and the others) suggests otherwise; it exudes a confidence that is not contrived in any way.

On a technical and personal level I love everything about this portrait - so much so that it made it to the homepage of my website. And to think that if he was not home that day or if I had wrapped up Rob's shoot an hour earlier, I might not have captured it at all.

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