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Tanzin is one of the most naturally comfortable people I have dealt with in front of the camera (which might have something to do with his background in drama). This was the first time I had photographed him for Faces of Friendship and while you can never be certain about what you will get on the day, I was reasonably sure of one thing: there would be plenty of range.

Unsurprisingly, Tanzin needed little direction on my behalf. His confidence made for some great shots. But as the session progressed I wanted to try something less "dramatic" - something less obviously confident. I had been chatting with him throughout the shoot, covering a range of topics, and I wanted to catch him off guard with a question that required a considered answer.

This is the result.

The finger on the chin was a natural reaction, just before he started to answer. The slightly open mouth and squint in the eyes reveals a certain intensity of thinking, as does the head tilt. It was the briefest of moments.

I've always thought of Tanzin as being very pragmatic; we often joke together about him over-thinking. But that doesn't necessarily come across when he is so extroverted in front of the camera. I like this shot because it shows a glimpse of someone who, underneath that self-assuredness, is quietly contemplative and a very rational thinker.

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