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I've photographed Mark a few times now and I would describe him as a safe subject when it comes to taking his portrait: well turned-out, unassuming, and relaxed. Whether it's candid or posed, formal or informal, he presents different sides of his personality openly and honestly.

Being Lucy's husband, he too was about one month away from becoming a parent for the very first time. We'd obviously spoken about the impending arrival over the months leading up to the due date and I was always impressed by how calm and prepared they both were.

Mark has always struck me as an organised, mature individual with an understated confidence in his decisions and actions. The fast-approaching challenge of becoming a father seemingly had no impact on this. There was no sense of panic (at least not outwardly) and his ability to take it all in his stride was admirable.

I chose this photograph because I feel that it captures this strength of character at this particular moment in his life. It's full of determination and conviction - echoing the reassurance he gave to his wife during her shoot - even when on the cusp of a life-changing event.

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