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There were plenty of laughs, occasional hysterics, and just a positive, upbeat feeling during the shoot with Anna. This all felt very appropriate given that a few months earlier she was celebrating her first year wedding anniversary with Adam. They had even started to look to buy their first home together. It was a feel-good kind of day.

When it came to the final selections I had a plethora of shots of Anna grinning and laughing. However, I wanted to go for a portrait that was more subtle but still communicated the positive vibes of the day. This photograph quickly became a favourite of mine for two reasons.

First and foremost, it shows her evident happiness - being in a good place in life. But there is another side to the image I like and that is the look in her eyes - pensive and focused.

Consequently there is balance to this portrait. There is contentment in Anna's face but it is countered with a thoughtful, considered gaze. To me it demonstrates two sides of someone embarking on a new and exciting stage of her life; reflecting on her first year of marriage with a smile whilst purposefully looking forward to the future with her husband.

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