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Sinmi doesn't do things by half. Since the time I last photographed him in 2012 he has got married, become a parent, and has set up his own legal practice. That's a lot of responsibility and the fact he wore a suit is a subtle nod to one of the characteristics I most readily identify with him: professionalism.

I have always found Sinmi incredibly easy to get along with. Everyone does. He is blessed with a terrific energy and effortless ability to make you laugh. All of this fed into an easy-going shoot. He didn't require much, if any, direction from me and in addition to the natural energy he brings, his face is always full of expression.

It would have been easy to select a serious portrait - one that speaks to his career. But I made a conscious choice to steer away from this. The formal side of Sinmi is one that we all often see a lot day-to-day so I wanted to capture an image that revealed more of the informal side of his character. I think this portrait demonstrates those two sides: the professional and the entertainer.

This photograph is an accurate representation of the positive shoot we had but I also think of it as a split moment of uninhibited relief from a man with considerable responsibilities. I like the contrast of bursting into laughter whilst dressed in his work suit. For me it is a reminder that we are all allowed to forget our responsibilities once in a while.

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