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When I first photographed Penny in 2012 I would have described the session as being somewhat conservative. There was a wariness and shyness that consequently played out in her portrait. When it came to the second series, however, it was like having a completely different person in front of me. The end result? One of my favourite portraits.

In the four years that have passed between shoots I believe that Penny has become increasingly confident in herself. I like to think that this photograph illustrates part of that change.

Penny was an obliging model from the outset - accepting of my direction but also willing to play up to the camera, as can be seen here. Much like Adam's shot it's not intended to be an especially serious image. But it is a genuine expression of her personality. Most people understandably find it difficult to act up like this without feeling self-conscious, yet Penny did so effortless and naturally.

But what I love most about this image is that the partial covering of her face is a subtle reference to the shyness that was evident in her previous portrait. For me, that action is what makes this portrait effectively symbolise someone moving from their previous, more reserved past to the more confident and expressive person they are today.

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