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If you were to ask people to list some of Natalie's most dominant characteristics, her confidence and ability to talk to just about anyone would certainly be high up on the list. I would add to that her ability to laugh at herself, free of concerns. It was, therefore, interesting to have this balanced against someone who, when the studio lights were on, became quite shy.

This combination resulted in a session that offered huge range. Natalie's career is a significant part of her life and so I captured that with formal shots. But there were also informal, relaxed looks. And lost-in-thought moments. There were photos of her looking embarrassed whilst the next would be her playing up to the camera - some at my request but many without.

Consequently when it came to finalising my selections for this series, picking a single image that reflected all these different sides was challenging. Picking one felt that it came at the expense of another. And this is all topped off with the added matter that Natalie is my partner. No pressure!

I eventually opted for this portrait. It's what I call a "between" shot in that it was taken between poses. Often such shots are destined for the outtakes reel but I felt that this one worked well in capturing at least some of those different elements of her personality. Her appearance is smart, the natural smile reflects her positive attitude, but the glance away from the lens hints at insecurity at being the centre of attention. I therefore hope she will forgive me for posting this on her birthday!

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