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I am delighted to write that last week I reached a significant milestone: I am now a qualified Licentiate of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

Towards the end of last year I set myself a goal to attain membership of one of the major photography organisations. It didn't take me long to decide upon BIPP; their qualifications are a benchmark of professional excellence and a ‘kitemark’ of quality for clients.

The process began earlier this year when I had my portfolio review – an insightful experience providing constructive feedback on my images. It's a useful starting point for thinking about which photographs to submit and helps quickly eliminate any feelings of sentimentality!

Next came the painstaking process of whittling down 50-odd images to approximately 30. This involved months of deliberation, culling, reinstating, editing and re-editing. And repeat. But all with the guidance of my excellent mentor throughout.

In addition to all of this you are required to produce a book of supporting evidence to explain more about your background, techniques and business objectives. It's a comprehensive process and one that really makes you think about your images as a collective, whole body of work.

On the day itself my work was assessed by a panel of three incredible photographers who agreed that my work is of the expected standard. Naturally I am thrilled with their decision and I look forward to continuing to develop my photography as a member of BIPP.

Is that the end of the story? Well, not quite. My next objective is to attain an Associate level qualification. The work towards that will begin soon but for now I'm going to celebrate what has been a great week to conclude a year's hard work.

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