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I thought I’d mix things up a bit with this latest post and make it a little more personal. Less about photography and more about the photographer.

Some of you reading this might be friends, clients, or total strangers. Regardless, it’s good to share so here are 15 random facts that you most likely did not know about me.

In no particular order...

1) I graduated from university with a law degree but have never worked in a law firm.

2) My first big trip was travelling solo across Canada for three months in 2007...

3) ...where I did a 12,000 ft sky-dive outside of Montreal.

4) I successfully completed a London to Paris charity cycle ride over three days in 2016, despite my distinct lack of road cycling experience.

5) If I could eat only one type of food for the rest of time it would be pizza, no question.

6) Being near the sea (or any body of water) makes me feel great.

7) Eleven years after I left my home town I purchased a camera online from someone who I later learnt lived a few doors down from my childhood home.

8) The ‘G’ in my social media handle (@stephengwallace) is the initial of my middle name – which I’ll keep a mystery for now.

9) It’s very difficult to name my favourite city but Vancouver is right up there.

10) To the astonishment of many, I’ve never seen Back to the Future.

11) Despite a mild anxiety of flying, I have flown a light aircraft. During the ascent my cabin door dramatically sprung open which, unsurprisingly, did not help with the nerves.

12) My preferred music when blogging or editing is jazz-hop / chill-hop.

13) One as yet unfulfilled ambition is to acquire a motorcycle license.

14) I like black coffee and green tea.

15) My childhood dream was to become an astronaut and space exploration continues to fascinated me.

You can read more about me here but hopefully this gives you a little insight into the man behind the camera!

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