One question I ask clients prior to a personal branding photography session is how and where the images are going to be used. Quite often it is not something that the client has given much thought beyond, perhaps, their website.

How your business promotes its brand is of course entirely subjective but it is important to think about the medium you will use as this can shape the nature of the session. For example, if your primary choice is Instagram the photographer can consider compositions optimal for square format.

So if you are looking for inspiration as to different places the beautiful images from your branding shoot can be used, here is my list of ideas.


Let’s get the obvious one out the way first! Your primary consideration will be the all-important home page but also think about images for your contact page, blog, and headers / footers.

Social Media

Whichever social media platform you utilise, having a posting strategy in place is key. To support this you will need to consider images that complement the aesthetic of your feed. You can read more about that here.

Email Marketing

It may seem antiquated but email is still an effective means of making (and maintaining) connections. Your brand should be present with every communication so consider the type of images you might need if you regularly send out newsletters or subscriber alerts.

Print Marketing

If you thought emails were old school then you probably consider print marketing positively prehistoric. But it still has a purpose: business cards, brochures, promotional flyers, discount vouchers, product catalogues - all require imagery associated with your brand.


This can include magazines, sponsored ads on social media, or time-limited online promotions. Consider images with negative space where text can be overlaid.

Profile Pictures

Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. LinkedIn. Even WhatsApp. All of these platforms require profile / cover pictures that represent your brand and who you are as a professional.

If you have any other ideas where branding photography can be utilised then I would love to hear from you!