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I am pleased to announce that I am now officially partnering with independent mortgage brokers The Mortgage Mum.

The Mortgage Mum launched in January this year by Sarah Tucker and is driven by an ethos of flexible working and achieving a better work life balance for working Mums.

I have had the pleasure of being commissioned by The Mortgage Mum for a series of branding photography sessions throughout this year and I am looking forward to supporting this emerging brand.

“The Mortgage Mum is excited to announce that it is partnering with Stephen Wallace Photography. Being part of The Mortgage Mum is about flexibility, restoring balance to work and home life, and truly loving what you do. These are the core principles behind everything we do. Stephen understands our brand and message and reflects it in the images he produces. We’re looking forward to working closely together and are delighted to have Stephen on board supporting The Mortgage Mum journey.”

You can learn more about The Mortgage Mum by visiting their website here.

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