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Here we are with 2019 quickly drawing to a close and I’m naturally feeling a little reflective. So I thought I would use my final blog post of the year to look back on some personal highlights – my biggest takeaways from the past 12 months.

Before that I would just like to say a big thank you to all my wonderful clients, readers of this blog, and everyone else who continues to show their support. It is always appreciated – no more so than at the end of another year. I wish you all a very happy new year!

Expanding into personal branding photography

2019 has seen me take on a growing number of personal branding commissions. This has been a welcome development in the direction of my photography – bringing with it a mix of creative license and professional support. It is something I plan to focus on more next year.

Experimenting with lighting

Flash photography is an area that I always make a concerted effort to keep educating myself on. This year I have experimented more with my strobes and grown more confident in making changes to my headshot setups.

Finding time to get outdoors...

I always feel that my landscape photography gets neglected but not so much this year. I have been fortunate to enjoy a number of trips for dedicated landscape shooting and it felt so good to be out in all weathers, armed with my tripod, filters, and relentless patience!

...and finding time to write

I was determined to blog more often and more consistently in 2019. This is my 26th post of the year which means I have successfully stuck to my schedule. It might seem like a minor thing but anyone who blogs will appreciate this is a huge achievement!

And my favourite photograph of 2019?

I find it difficult to pick a single image but definitely on the shortlist is this one taken at Beddington Park, about a mile from my home. I made the spontaneous decision to visit because the forecast predicted mist and I’m so glad I did as it was a stunning frosty, misty morning. It gave me renewed faith that it is not always about the big overseas trips; beautiful scenes are all around us when the conditions present themselves.

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