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Last week I held my first personal branding photography session since a five-month hiatus. It felt great to be shooting again, even if the circumstances are a little unusual and the process slightly different.

It also got me thinking. I’ve written a lot of blog posts about branding photography and its benefits but not so much about the actual process of a session and the logistics of putting it all together.

So in this post I’m going to break down the stages – from initial call to image delivery – of one of my personal branding photography sessions.

1) Consultation

We kick off with a 30-60 minutes call (or, increasingly, Zoom!) so I can learn more about you, your business, and what you’re looking to get from the session. We will discuss your inspirations and the values at the heart of your business. This is to help give me a better understanding of the images you need, how you intend to use them, and for what purpose.

2) Setting a date

Time to get a date in the diary! I usually require a few weeks lead-in time – sometimes longer during busy periods or if we are aiming for a particular time of the year. If the session is going to be outdoors (in part or in whole) I recommend securing a back-up date in case of a washout – it’s rare but it can happen!

3) Ideas and inspiration

Now we have a date fixed it’s time to get stuck into the planning. I always recommend spending some time scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and sharing with me examples of the kind of photos you like. This can be anything from a particular pose you’d like to try out, favouite colour scheme, or a preferred editing style.

4) Preparing a shotlist

I always think a shotlist is valuable. I don’t like to be bound too strictly to it but it is a helpful way of keeping everyone on track during what can be wide-ranging sessions. Once I have drawn up a shotlist I will send it over with some suggestions for prioritisation. I broadly categorise images as essential, desirable, or experimental.

5) The day of the shoot

By this time you’ll have a mind full of inspiration, my personal branding photography tips ringing in your ears, and a carefully created shotlist to ensure you are fully prepared and ready to enjoy a fun, creative session!

6) Editing

After the shoot my time will be spent behind the computer whittling down and editing your images. Depending on what has been agreed I will either edit in accordance with an agreed style or use my own judgment.

7) Delivery

The day you’ve been waiting for! Once I have edited your images they will be uploaded to your personal, password-secured gallery where they will be available to download in web-ready and high-resolution sizes. I will email you the link and you’ll be a few clicks away from having your own personal branding photographs for your business.

Hopefully this adds some clarity to the process. If you have any questions or want to discuss your own personal branding shoot then get in touch!

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