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So you have just had your new corporate portraits or personal branding photographs taken. They’re all over your website and you’re using them across social media. But what’s their expiry date?

This is a tricky question with a few wrong answers but no definitive right answer.

First off, and at the risk of sounding all sales-y, it is safe to say that no single corporate headshot or branding portrait is designed to last a lifetime.

The fact is they will need to be updated at some point. When and how often you do so is likely going to be influenced by some of these three factors.

Content need

If you are a daily user of social media or a frequent blogger, you may find that you require more content, sooner. The more you post the more imagery you are using up and at some point the well will begin to run dry.

When planning your personal branding photography shoot it is important to know how many images you will receive. With this information you can estimate how much content that will provide you for your platforms. To get the ball rolling I suggest initially aiming for around two months worth of images.

Some images can of course be repurposed for different content – it’s not necessarily the case that each image can only be used once. But ultimately the more you use the quicker they will go out of date and the sooner you will need a refresh.

Product advertising

If you have a products-based business you need to ensure that you are not caught out without an image of a new product you need to promote. If you’ve just launched a new range that you want to advertise then this will naturally be a time to get some new images.

Consider one of the following two options.

One option is to arrange new shoots as and when you launch a new product – the benefit being that you’ll have your new photographs ready in time to promote. Aim to have the shoot around one month before you go live. But bear in mind this might not be the most cost-effective option, especially if you are booking multiple shoots for only a small number of products.

Alternatively you may want to consider booking a set number of shoots throughout the year to cover multiple products in one go. This will be more cost-effective and a preferable option if you don’t necessarily require the photographs the second it launches.

Reflecting the true you

Your portrait should be an accurate reflection of who you are today – the true you. Over time our appearance will naturally change but so do our fashion tastes and style. We try new hairstyles. Maybe we start to wear glasses – or switch to contact lenses.

And it’s not just about your physical appearance. At certain points in our life, for whatever reason, we feel more confident and comfortable in our skin. Your appearance might not have changed but you might feel that a different style of portrait better reflects your personality.

This is a very personal choice. For some people it might mean updating their portraits once a year. For others it could be once a quarter. It is, like most things, entirely subjective but recognise that the portrait you had done today will not last forever.


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