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Back in February I wrote about the final bits of prep you need to consider for your personal branding shoot and part of my advice included thinking of different locations. It’s worth giving special thought to this as it is a major influencing factor on your images.

Pretty much all of my personal branding photography is shot on location and I favour the use of environmental portraits to help complete the story behind your brand. I don’t think there is a more effective or immediate way of communicating what your business is about.

It is important to therefore consider the surrounding environment and how this fits into your story. Think of the location (or locations) as giving a bit of context – revealing a little – about how you work and the type of clients you are seeking.

As with nearly everything in personal branding photography, this is a subjective choice that depends very much on your business. But if you’re stumped for ideas, here are a few suggestions of great branding photography locations to get the ball rolling.

# 1. Your home

It might seem obvious but if you operate your business from home, embrace that. Nothing speaks more to the heart of personal branding than images taken in your own environment. The four walls surrounding your creative space should always be on the list where possible.

Top tip: it helps to have a dedicated workspace to shoot in. But if you don’t have that then consider a room with plenty of natural light (and one that is clear of clutter!)

# 2. The office

Whether it is a shared office space or your own private premises, shooting in an office is like shooting in your own studio. They have space and light and most of the props on site to create an immediate and universally identifiable sense of business.

Top tip: a large meeting room is a classic location to use in but also consider long corridors, stairwells, or even the rooftop.

# 3. A local café or coffee shop (preferably independent!)

These locations are always fun to shoot in and create images with a relaxed, warm vibe. It also connects with the notion of small businesses. Coffee shops in particular create great environmental backdrops with a host of different colours and textures to work with.

Top tip: always get permission from the owner first.

# 4. The woods

This may be weather dependent but consider your local woods. The dappled light and seasonal colours, especially in autumn, make for a terrific location. If your brand incorporates earthy tones or has an environmental angle, shooting outside can be very effective.

Top tip: if the not the woods, consider a local park or beach – really any outdoor location.

# 5. Airbnb

If you have a specific location in mind, e.g. a country cottage or city apartment, then check out Airbnb to see what is available. Unfortunately we don’t all live in houses with huge kitchens or apartments with penthouse views but you might find exactly what you need by renting the space.

Top tip: this option requires you to plan ahead so do your research well in advance to ensure you can secure your booking.

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