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Back in September 2021, Falguni – a business growth coach – got in touch with me wanting some new headshots and portraits for her social media and other online platforms. Here’s a quick review of the session.

I recommended my Profile Pics branding package as the best choice: a 45-minute session in a single location. If you would like to know more about how these sessions are run then check out this blog post which covers all the finer details.

After our consultation call we decided to hold the session in her apartment building in London. The primary benefit of doing so was that within one location we could utilise different spaces – both indoor and outdoor – without having to travel. It was ideal for the time available.

In addition to utilising the different spaces available we also had enough time for a quick outfit change, adding as much variety as possible to the images. The session concluded with a full camera of images and Falguni walked away with 10 new portraits to support her online brand.

I really enjoy running my Profile Pics sessions because they are focused, time-efficient and get to the point! I’d say the most important consideration is ensuring you pick the right venue because, as this shoot demonstrates, when you plan carefully and get it right you get a lot of return for your investment.

So if you’re considering getting some new headshots to refresh your image content and boost your online presence then book a discovery call with me to learn how I can help.

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