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The first branding photography shoot I held after suffering a broken leg last year was with Heather – independent mortgage broker with The Mortgage Mum.

The Mortgage Mum is a long-standing client of mine and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many of the new members of this ever-increasing team. Consequently I have become very familiar with the message of their image content: flexibility, balance and professionalism.

Heather was – I hope she won’t mind me saying – slightly anxious about the shoot. To help this we spent a lot of time before the session discussing the shot list, clothing choices and we drew up a list of items and props to have to hand. It’s all in the planning.

The previous branding shoot I blogged about was a focused headshot package. With Heather it was a longer session – lasting around two hours – with the aim being to capture some new headshots but also a selection of lifestyle portraits and detail images.

The shoot was held on location and the light and airy kitchen proved to be just about the only space we needed to capture a range of photos. This illustrates the benefit of having one good space: you don’t need to use the whole home.

This was a landmark session in many respects – my first since coming off crutches – and it was wonderful to see Heather grow in confidence as the session progressed. She came away with dozens of images for her social media and for me it was great to be back behind the camera!

If you would like a session that captures a wide range of content such as this check out the different personal branding packages I offer. When you’re ready to discuss things in more detail, get in touch and we can put some ideas together.

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