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Nancy was referred to me by a client in May this year. Here’s a review of a branding photography session that involved a mix of indoor headshots, outdoor portraits, and some typically unpredictable UK weather.

Nancy is an executive coach working with global corporations. During our initial consultation one of the priorities for her photos was to maintain a professional look but to have something a little more approachable and versatile.

There would be a lot to cover so we used my Profile Pics branding package as a starting point with additional time in reserve should we need it. We researched a few locations around where she was based in Kensington which offered ideal backdrops for more relaxed portraits: the leafy grounds of a churchyard, quiet side streets, and the townhouses.

The biggest challenge, however, was the unexpectedly drizzly day! With one eye on the forecast we switched things up and kicked off the session with some indoor headshots to allow time for the worst of the rain to pass. Once we saw a break we headed outside.

I bang on about it but this is where prior planning really pays off: knowing where we needed to go in advance ensured we didn’t waste any time. Armed with an umbrella to keep Nancy dry between shots we were able to shoot what we needed, review, and move on without getting drenched!

The session lasted a couple of hours and Nancy came away with eight new retouched and edited portraits and headshots. The Kensington backdrop worked a treat, the Spring flowers and blossom was a great natural feature I was able to incorporate and the rain wasn’t all bad – in fact it helped make everything look lush and vibrant.

This was a terrific session that benefited from having a clear strategy in place from the outset. We were thrown a curve-ball with the weather but thanks to our pre-shoot planning (and to Nancy for being so accommodating!) we were able to adapt without losing momentum.


If you’re considering updating your image content with some seasonal, autumnal portraits in the coming months then book a discovery call with me to see how I can help you.

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