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Back in the autumn I had the pleasure of holding a personal branding photography session with the non-executive director, consultant and absolutely delightful, Rosie.

Rosie got in touch knowing what she wanted: some updated headshots to be used in a professional capacity on websites and for business tenders. I recommended my profile pics only package as the best choice: approximately 45 minutes in a single location focused on headshots.

However, in the formal world of corporate boards she didn’t want to blend into the background. A key priority was to ensure her personality stood out and this meant no suits and no office location.

Rosie had already given consideration to colours and whilst we weren’t constrained to a strict scheme, the palette was to be based around warm, earthy tones – nicely complemented by one of her favourite leather jackets!

We picked a great venue near her home in Wandsworth offering a mix of greenery and more industrial brickwork which allowed us to experiment with different textures, colours and backgrounds.

I loved this shoot! Rosie and I had a terrific time together and it was a prime example of all the research and pre-shoot preparation paying off on the day. Rosie walked away with 13 new headshots from the session and below are some of my favourites.

If you’re interested in achieving similar photos for yourself – whether it’s updated headshots like Rosie or if you need a wider range of images – I have you covered. Check out the different branding packages I offer and when you’re ready to discuss it further get in touch or you can book a call directly with me and let’s put some ideas together.

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