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Personal branding photography is all about telling your story. You are at the centre of that story and including props in your images helps to add detail and reveal a little bit more about who you are.

It’s important to carefully plan your personal branding shoot so that you know exactly what you want to achieve. You will need to consider things such as choosing the right location to even the style of imagery you want.

Part of your planning should also include any props you want to include. The key here is to not overthink it: your props should fit in naturally with your work and business but also reflect elements of your personality.

To help get you started, here are some ideas of props I recommend bringing along to my personal branding shoots.

#1. Phone

Probably the most versatile prop of them all: your phone. Mobile technology is at the heart of every business and the gateway for connecting to your clients. Whether you’re taking a call, typing out an email, or scrolling through social media it’s a symbol of action in any photograph.

Top tip: wipe the screen beforehand to remove any smears or fingerprints.

#2. Laptop

This is another prop that helps communicate the theme of “business” clearly and effortlessly. Whether you use your laptop every day or more infrequently doesn’t matter. Having a laptop as a prop speaks the language of organisation and connection.

Top tip: have your website or social media platform open so that any over-the-shoulder shots capture even more of your branding.

#3. Stationery

This might sound dull but bear with me! A favourite notebook or pen is a valuable addition to your shoot. It reveals a little more about your style and if it has your business branding on, better still. Consider also a journal, your business cards, calendar, calculator, or noticeboard pins.

Top tip: less is often more with stationery; avoid things looking too cluttered by having a maximum of three props in a single photograph.

#4. Books

When it comes to books, pick a handful of titles that inspire you. Favourite novels, professional development, self-help, coffee-table art – it doesn’t matter. Books are a simple and immediate way of revealing a bit more about your influences and help make a connection with potential clients.

Top tip: if possible try to pick books with different colour spines / covers so that they can be easily distinguished from one another.

#5. Hobbies

Incorporate props that are completely unrelated to your business. What hobbies do you enjoy? Any sports you participate in? Keen gardener? Enthusiastic chef? Whatever it might be, inject some non-business personality into your images with the use of props that reflect your hobbies and interests outside of work.

Top tip: some examples include headphones, plants, your Fitbit, or art equipment.


Remember: the props are the icing on the cake and help bring everything together – you, the location, and the style of your images.

If you’d like any further advice then check out my other blog posts on personal branding shoots or you can sign up to my newsletter using the sign-up form in the footer below. shoots

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