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Personal branding photography sessions are diverse. A wide range of images can be captured and this is what makes them such creative shoots. So exactly what kind of photographs are you likely to come away with?

As part of your shoot preparation it is important to give some thought as to the type of images you need and how you are going to use them. Here are some examples of the type of photographs I aim to capture during a typical personal branding session.


These are closely-cropped (usually head and shoulder) images with you looking to-camera. The aim here is for a clean, uncluttered shot of you. Nothing too creative or complicated – the aim here is for an image that clearly communicates who you are.

Ideal uses: for your social media profile pics and / or the About section of your website.


As I have written previously, portraits are not the same as headshots. Portraits can be taken with you looking to-camera or off-camera and can range from head-and-shoulders to full body. Unlike headshots, portraits might include some background elements to give context to your business.

Ideal uses: throughout your social media or website.


Lifestyle photographs are your opportunity to reveal more about your personality where you can put your signature on your images. They might include the use of props or other people and might reflect a side of you that has nothing whatsoever to do with business.

Ideal uses: whenever you want to reveal more about the person behind the business.


These photographs aim to capture a natural, unplanned moment often of you at work and nearly always with you looking off-camera. You could be working on your laptop, making notes, scrolling through social media, taking a client call – it doesn’t matter so long as it is a natural action.

Ideal uses: for an authentic, behind the scenes view of you at work.


These photographs focus on fine details, e.g. a close-up of your hands typing or stationery on your desk. And it doesn’t just have to be business-related; it could be household objects like candles or books. These images provide more information about who you are, your interests, and inspirations.

Ideal uses: on social media, sometimes with the addition of text, or as banner images on your website.


If you are a service-based business this might not be as relevant but if you sell products these kind of shots will be integral. Product photographs can be taken against a clean, white background for consistent marketplace images or as more of an environmental shot, incorporating props and other elements connected with the product.

Ideal uses: on your website marketplace and for promotion / advertising purposes.


This list is by no means definitive but it gives a comprehensive idea of the range of shots available on a typical personal branding shoot. If you need any other advice then get in touch.

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