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At the heart of personal branding photography is the need to establish a connection with your audience; images that speak not only to your own values but also to those of your ideal client.

Ive written previously about what personal branding photography is and why you need it to help your business but in this post I want to go a little deeper into what exactly your branding imagery should aspire to.

It is important to consider this before you begin planning your shoot because you need to be clear as to the ultimate purpose of your images, how they will represent you and your business, and how they will appeal to potential clients.

This guidance is a little more theoretical in nature than my usual posts but it will give you insight into the very purpose of personal branding photography, its essence, and hopefully give you a clearer idea as to just how effective a tool it can be.


This might sound obvious but it is worth reiterating because it sits at the core of personal branding photography.

You can only be you, so dont try to be anyone else.

Whether it is how you dress, your style, your voice (spoken and written), if you are an introvert or an extrovert it is crucial that everything you present about yourself is genuine.

Potential clients will draw certain opinions about you and your business from the images on your website and social media platforms. That is an unavoidable fact and, yes, some of those conclusions might lead to some people turning away.

But thats OK because being honest helps you find your ideal audience. The key to converting potential interest into clients is ensuring that the transition from the virtual you to the real you is seamless. And that means ensuring that your personal branding photography is truly authentic.


The internet is an incredibly busy place these days and so it is important to be consistent in your use of personal branding photography. There are no quick-wins this is a long game so be prepared to slog it out and build momentum over time (years).

You might be posting photographs of your latest work, a portrait to introduce yourself to new followers, e-commerce shots of a new product you are selling, or images to support a new promotion. Whatever it is make sure that the visual message you are putting out there is consistent. Being present in such a saturated online world is crucial so always show up.

And this does not just mean posting consistently but also being consistent in the types of visual content you post, right down to how the photographs are edited. Constantly changing the style and look of your images will send a mixed message and risk confusing clients.


Personal branding photography is an investment that will reap so many benefits, but remember that youre not the only business out there making the same investment. The popularity of branding photography has surged in recent years and demand is high.

Your visual content might be genuine and being communicated consistently but to really help you stand out from the crowd it is important that you find your niche your unique selling point and make that a focal point of your imagery.

Exactly what that niche is could be anything but some examples include:

  • A particular subject matter that you incorporate into your images

  • A unique editing style

  • A certain type of composition or layout

  • An overarching theme that ties your images together

Think about what it is that will make your personal brand stand out among a sea of visual content. Over time that style that unique trait will gradually come to be identifiable as part of your business. Ultimately you want someone to see an image and immediately identify is as belonging to your brand.

If you would like any further advice or tips on personal branding photography then check out a whole host of blog posts on the subject or feel free to contact me directly to see how I can help your business.

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