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I must confess, when I sat down at the end of last year to think about ideas for my 2020 blog posts, this one was not part of my original plan...

These are indeed unique times and photographers – just like so many other small businesses and freelancers – have been hit hard by current events. I am one of countless many who has had to cancel shoots for the foreseeable. A consequence of that is I am now adjusting to a new way of living in which photography plays a much smaller part.

It is a very strange thing to experience and I will write separately on that another time. For now, however, I wanted to inject something a little more positive into the week with a casual glimpse into what photographers do when they have ample time but cannot use a camera.

Stay safe everyone!

Audit the image library

Ah yes, the most dreaded task a photographer has to face: systematically working through thousands upon thousands of images and permanently deleting the rejects. It is a rewarding job but most definitely a lesson in patience, discipline, and concentration.

Editing forgotten images

Revisiting old photographs and either editing them for the first time or re-editing them in a different style is such a pleasure. I often find that I am at my most creative and experimental when I don’t have deadlines encroaching on my time.

Print more photographs

Yes, setting up a printer will be always be a disproportionately time-intensive and stressful job. But whether you are going 6x4 or A3 in size, the reward is undeniable and an intrinsic part of the entire creative process. Edit, print, and get them hanging on your wall.

Use your camera phone

We may not be able to travel but as long as we have our phones there will always be opportunities for photographs. Flowers, reflections, still life, pets, portraits – it’s within reach. This is a great time to practice composition techniques and learn how to look for and observe light and shadow.

Website maintenance

In the age of social media it is extraordinary how quickly a website falls out of date. Most photographers use lack of time as the primary excuse for not updating their website. Now we have plenty of hours at our disposal to write blog posts and update those galleries.

Make a wishlist

If you’re not spending your spare moments mentally purchasing a load of new lenses and cameras are you even really a photographer? Just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t dream! This time will pass so why not treat yourself to something nice when it does; you’ve certainly earned it.

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