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One question I always ask clients before a branding photography session is where the images are going to be used. Quite often it is not something that the client has given much thought beyond their website.

How you and your business promotes its brand is entirely subjective but it is important to think about the medium you will use as this can shape the nature of the session – particularly the composition of the images.

If you are looking for ideas for different places where you can use your images, check out my list below.


Let’s get the obvious one out the way first. It’s hard to image a single photograph from your session not appearing on your website. Chances are it will be more than one.

In addition to the all-important home page, consider what kind of images would be suitable for your contact page, blog, menus and any headers and footers.


Another of the primary candidates: your social media platforms. Whichever platform you favour, having a posting strategy is becoming more and more important. You might be thinking about using branded images for sponsored ads.

To support this you will need to consider having images that complement the aesthetic of your feed – a lot of which is driven by your style of editing. Read more about that here.


It might seem antiquated but mailing lists and e-newsletters remain one of the most effective means of making and maintaining connections and generating leads.

Your brand should be present with every communication you send out so consider the type of images you might need if you regularly send out e-newsletters or subscriber alerts.


If you thought that emails were old fashioned then you probably think print marketing is positively prehistoric!

You might not use it every day but it is still relevant. Business cards, brochures, promotional flyers, discount vouchers, catalogues, marketing literature – they all require imagery that represents your brand.


Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and even WhatsApp. All of them require a profile picture that brings visibility to who you are as a professional.

I advocate using different portraits for different sites so give thought to which image is the best fit for the content and audience you are targeting across different platforms.


If you would like further ideas for where your own branding photography can be utilised then get in touch!

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